BonoFillTM, is an exclusive 3D high-density bone graft derived from patients' adipose (fat) tissue. This innovative product possesses the following properties:



An autologous cell source:

BonoFillTM is produced individually from each patient's adipose-derived cells. Consequently, when transplanted back into the deficient bone of patients, the cells autlogous (self) origin eliminates the risk of tissue rejection and surgery failure. The adipose tissue required for the production of adipose-derived cells is harvested in a simple and minimally invasive procedure.  

BonoFill images 05


A multi-cell bone graft:
BonoFillTM contains both mature and premature bone cells, and may contain endothelial cells (cells which form the lining of blood vessels). Upon transplantation, the bone cells continue to proliferate and secrete growth factors, whereas the endothelial cells enhance graft vascularization (formation of new blood vessels). This exceptional cell composition promotes bone regeneration and recovery mechanisms in the transplantation site. BonoFill images 04


A 3D supporting matrix (scaffold):
BonoFillTM consists of an FDA-approved mineral scaffold. The scaffold's unique nano-structure optimally supports cell expansion in vitro (in the laboratory) and provides the desired supporting properties in vivo (in the patient).

Scaffold particles used for the production of BonoFillTM

The scaffold is customized according to CT images of the deficient bone

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A dynamic cell cultivation platform:
Cells are grown in multi-layers within a bioreactor. The advantages of the bioreactor technique are various. It not only ensures a well-mixed homogenous environment, but also maintains scalability, allows automated control, reduces cell handling and shortens the culturing period. These advantages contribute to the costeffectiveness, safety and high-density of BonoFillTM.  BonoFill images 03


A Tailor-made bone graft: BonoFillTM is a personalized, available-on-demand product aimed to treat a variety of bone and joint conditions. It is individually designed to precisely fit the anatomical shape of the bone void in question.


A valid proof of concept:  

Preclinical studies with BonoFillTM have demonstrated high safety and efficacy profiles. The clinical evaluation of BonoFillTM is currently being performed in phase I/II clinical study, for maxillofacial bone augmentation and regeneration.


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Two BonoFill-based bone graft products are available:



Injectable bone graft:



Provided in a pre-filled syringe containing bone-inducible cell-seeded matrix particles. This product is suitablee for well-defined bone repair applications such as jaw bone cysts.



Anatomically pre-designed bone graft:



The scaffold is cut to precisely match the patient's 3D Computed Tomography (CT) image. This product aims to repair large/ segmental bone defects.


Generation of injectable bone graft 

View: Lower Jaw Bone | Mandible Bone  | Long Bone

  Generation of anatomically pre-designed bone graft